January 23rd, 2013


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[repost/reblog/share] "SCIENCE. Also, maybe aliens."

Originally posted by brightlotusmoon at SCIENCE. Also, maybe aliens.

This is just so I can remember my favorite evolution videos without having to search all over YouTube.

As I told a yowling Christian Creationist* a while back:
Listen carefully: Evolution does not claim to be connected with gods, God, aliens, or something that might cause creation. Evolution means this: Changes in trait or gene frequency in a population of organisms from one generation to the next - and it has nothing to do with how the world/universe was created/made. Which means that, hey, we're not saying it was aliens... but it was [probably] aliens.
Also, this may be mind-blowing, but "theory" is an established idea that has been tested.
Happy now? Okay. Now watch the whole thing and stop fighting over facts.

*She was really sweet and really smart, but I could tell she had been literally brainwashed by parents, family, friends, churches, and teachers. Once we had these talks, I watched her brain go ker-klunk as she realized how massive and amazing the world actually was beyond what she thought she knew. I told her she could still believe that her God created everything... but evolution was nowhere near the same thing. She actually burst into tears and hugged me. Really, I don't care if you believe in Intelligent Design; I just want you to real evolution actually means. That the theory of evolution simply means that the idea has been established and tested. Which has nothing to do with whatever creating entity you believe in. Evolution is its own thing, or miracle, if you wish. Fun, though, isn't it?

Yeah. That. Evolution has nothing at all to do with creation. 'Theory' in science = 'proven and tested explanation for facts', not something unproven and wishy-washy. No offence to any of my readers with different beliefs but my A level biology teacher was a Christian who believed in a God's creation and also believed that evolution is a fact. If he can do it (and I was a similar Christian for a while until I got fed up with the various UK fundies (pre-intarwebz for me) and how they made me/us look). I have saved these videos to my youtube favourites in a new "science" playlist for future reference. Some of my other favourites may need to be moved to that playlist.