January 20th, 2013


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As has been suggested I'm putting out the hat for donations towards Nicco's medical bills. Any amount would help, and you can pay via credit/debit card if you don't have a paypal account.

This is Nicco, the eternal kitten, before he got sick:

Just press the button to help save his life please:

[you know, it's really embarrassing doing this! One of the downsides of being British, we have this thing about not asking for help.]

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More info at the earlier post.

Can't stop crying.

Pixel is really concerned about me which just makes me cry more.

Hubby will be in London working all day tomorrow and I cannot drove (let alone I don't have a car) but Smudge has not eaten all day and is fading away.

I don't want her to suffer another day needlessly but I have no way to get her to the vet.

[rant] The NHS will pay to treat the health and illnesses of thousands of kids born to people that cannot afford to feed them let alone keep them heathy but will not pay to look after the health of my kids because they are not human kids.[/rant]

All I can do is hope that she dies in her sleep tonight. Then we would have to work out where to bury her because we do not have a garden.