January 6th, 2013



I am so glad that I write for LJ using a downloadable client and not the LJ post web-page. Either xjournal or ijournal on the mac or the LJApp, Journaler (sadly discontinued) or Vita on the iPhone / iPad / iDevices. The number of times I see "I wrote this post but eljay ate it" on my LJFriendsPage makes me so grateful that I can save a long post in the client in case LJ barfs posting. Pretty much the only time I even see the LJ post page is if I "share" someone else's LJ post to mine or use the "post to LJ" bookmark that I have and occasionally use to post a web page or comic when I cannot find the spoons to do the copy/paste-ing by hand into the client. I am also glad that I back up most of my livejournal content / journal(s) to Dreamwidth as often as I can and also using ljarchive on a windoze/vmware partition when I remember to and/or have access to said windoze.

The timing sucks

Yesterday the power button on the edge of my ipad stopped turning it off when I click it. Yes, it still powers the ipad down if I hold it down, it has just stopped putting it to sleep for me (to conserve battery) when I click it once.

I got the ipad last exmas or soon after - I forget exactly when and so I forget whether it is in or out of warranty. I do have AppleCare for it though. Maybe I need to take it to the Genius Bar.