November 16th, 2012


Snail mail addresses please!

I have mentioned that I am looking for pen-pals. I have linked to my LJFriendsGroup-locked contact details post. What I did not remember to do was ask you all for your snail mail addresses! I may have some of them but may also have lost them and so, if you would like a postcard, exmas/"holiday" card, something knitted or a letter (feel free to express you preferences and hates in this department), please do leave me your snail mail address in the comments which are all screened and I will not reply because that will un-screen them. If you ask me any questions I will either PM/LJMessage you (if your journal settings allow that - some don't), email you, make a separate post or comment on your journal somewhere.

Exmas knitting

I am not doing a lot of exmas knitting this year. I have found a great free pattern on Ravelry for a star tree ornament called Stjärna and have made one already within a day of starting it. I will look for more knitted ornament patterns on Ravelry and on other websites. If anyone knows of any good paterns available online (and preferably free) or books that I could try to get at the library, do please leave me a comment!

My first Stjärna (A)

My project notes thus far:

Needed to go down from a 3 mm needle to a 2.5 mm needle to get anything approximating gauge.

Used my variation upon Judy’s Magic Cast On (where I don’t need to knit tbl at all – I should really write that up – I worked it out months ago, maybe years) instead of the cast-on in the pattern – that way I have all of the stitches cast on at the start (and put half on waste yarn for the second half of the star).

Used magic-loop for the first half of the first star but need to buy a second set of DPNs for the second half of the star – it is not possible to knit a pattern for a five pointed star with only five DPNs. You need six, it seems. So I used a 40 cm circ as a sixth dpn which seems to have worked.

So then I decided (after row 4 on the second side of the first star) to use my 40cm 2.5mm circ and my 60 cm 2.5 mm circ to knit the star using two circs in a similar way to how you would knit a sock on two circs (learning this method as I went along, of course!). I am not sure whether this would work for the setup row or not because having three points on one circ (and two on the shorter circ) is a little tricky.

The cdd (centred double decrease) stitches are a lot easier on circs than dpns. I will try this method on the second (and all subsequent?) star(s) on all rows. I do think that this would be even easier with two 40 cm circs, though.

Now at row 8, it also seems a lot easier to stuff on circs!

First star finished!

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Almost finished cardigan

I have almost finished my cardigan. The knitting is all done (so Smudge will not get to sleep under it on my lap as I knit any more – see photos below) and just need to sew in all the ends, find some buttons and sew them on. I may, however, end up wearing it without buttons as it is pretty COLD in here during the day, especially when it gets dark but before the heating comes on in the evening and also during my nocturnal nights.

Smudge lies under the cardigan on my lap as I knit it.

Smudge asleep on my lap under the cardigan as I knit it.

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