October 23rd, 2012


Anyone have any ideas for cleaning Camelbak nozzles?

My Camelbak nozzle was black-lined again. I still have no idea how/why this happens. The water I use is filtered and does not make me nauseous but, whenever this happens I get nauseous. I am also unable to completely remove the black … whatever-it-is … using bottle brushes, hot water, baby-bottle sterilising tablets or a bicarb soak. I always end up replacing the nozzle with a new one which is not violently expensive but is also not free.

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Asking all you WoW players for some DPS maths help

I have never understood how to work out which is better, x and y one-handed weapons (1Hs) dual-wielded (DW) or z two-handed weapon (2H). I have read innumerable websites in my years of playing WoW since first getting my hunter to the level when she could dual-wield having always used a 2H before that.

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The example in this case:

2H weapon  Staff[Chillwind Staff]
TooltipDamage94 - 141
Char tab2Damage238 - 296
2 x 1HsFist weapons  2 x [Grappling Handwraps]
TooltipDamage48 - 90
Char tabDamage217 - 287
 DPS98.62 / 49.37

Now, I get that it is not (for some reason3 it is not as easy as adding the dps of the two fist weapons together and comparing that with the dps of the staff. Here come the questions:

  1. What is the formula that I need to compare the two weapon setups' DPS values? <rhetorical>Why can I not just add the two numbers in the char pane for DPS together and compare that with the DPS value in the char pane for the staff?</rhetorical>

  2. Is a 2H always better than 2 x 1H dual wielded?

  3. There must be an easier way to compare the two weapon setups to decide which to use - or some formula or something - other than equipping each in turn and hitting a training dummy to see which does he most dps. Mustn't there? If so, what is it?

  4. Someone told me it is dependent on spec whether the 2H is better than the 2 x 1H. WTF? So it is even more complex than some easy formula?!

  5. Is item level relevant?

  6. Item colo(u)r (e.g. blue vs green)?

  7. HELP?!

1 My pandamonk.
2 When wielding the weapon(s).
3 Rant about how Blizzard cold have made this UI easier to understand is redacted. Rhetorical questions are rhetorical.