October 22nd, 2012

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Blogging and daylogging ponderings …

I am still trying to decide what best to do about the various LiveJournal and Twitter accounts used to do my daylogging.

1. natf is my main LiveJournal and is a Permanent account. I would love for the daylogging to end up in that repository, somehow, for posterity and for centralisation. I back up that account to Dreamwidth (same account name) and ljArchive on a Windoze partition on my HackBook (NetBook running OSX), periodically (i.e. when I remember, i.e. rarely). That LJ recieves daily posts of my Tweets on the natalief Twitter account, automagically (as set up on LJ). I used to also aggregate my other Twitter accounts to this LJ account using LoudTwitter and Twittenesis but those services appear to no longer be working. LJ only allows one LJ account to aggregate one Twitter account - a limitation IMO.

2. natdaylog is the LJ account that I use to blog daylogging data, e.g. when I wake up, when I go to bed, when I take meds and any symptoms that I encounter/experience. I also used to try to log what I eat so that I could try to assign some reason or rhyme to the GI symptoms that I encountered but it has become clear that, apart from cow's milk and Onion (as well as chilli, tomato, citrus and a few other foods that I avoid), my GI symptoms can be totally random and so I stopped logging food. This LJ only feeds to my natdaylog Twitter account rather than aggregating any Twitter account.

I am tempted to do an experiment to see if natdaylog can feed to the natalief Twitter account instead (LJ only lets it feed to one Twitter account - another limitation IMO) so that when that Twitter account is aggregated to natf these LJ posts will at least be linked to on natf.

What would be ideal, IMO, would be that I could post these daylog posts to natf instead of natdaylog and that the posts would be sent to Twitter accounts dependent on tags, i.e. those tagged "daylog" could be sent to the natdaylog Twitter account and the rest would not be sent to Twitter at all. That way all of my data would end up in one place, natf.

An alternative would have been for me to continue as I am and write some code (initially a CHRON job once per day of a command line app would suffice but eventually this would become an OSX GUI app of some kind with potential other functionality as well - I live mostly on OSX and so that is why I would chose OSX) to back up natdaylog by copying the posts to natf. That way they would end up in the permanent account after they had been linked on the natdaylog Twitter account (for public hubby access) when I initially post the natdaylog post (as now). The problem with that is that my brain has not been able to sustain learning Ruby (or anything) now we are into Autumn/Winter and my body seems to only want to hibernate.


cc to both LJ accounts.
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