October 17th, 2012

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Knitting dilemma


From my project page for my "Color Affection" shawl (that I am calling my "Affectionate Tri-Colour Shawl"):

03:24 on Wed 17 Oct:
I am seriously contemplating ripping this out and starting again. I am on row 253 in the striped section (not bad for less than two days!) but way back on about row 38 or 39 my gauge changed considerably. For one row. This row has been taunting me since about row 50 and I have tried not to be the perfectionist pedant that I usually am but it is really getting to me.

Whilst I could finish the whole shawl and try to block it out, I would rather rip out and restart whilst I am on the simpler part of the shawl, before I start the short rows, than find out that it is just too drastic to block out and have to reknit the whole thing again from beginning to end.

I am really enjoying this knit and it is going pretty quickly so ripping it out and starting again will not be a huge hardship. I am going to finish this row, then put it to one side and sleep on it. Part of me thinks that I will not change my mind but I might come up with a way to tease the stitches tighter and lose the extra yarn, or something.
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Originally posted by nightshade1972 at Saw this on a friend's FB page

Do not see my disability as a problem. Recognize that my disability is an attribute.

Do not see my disability as a deficit. It is you who see me as deviant and helpless.

Do not try to fix me because I am not broken. Support me. I can make my contribution to the community in my way.

Do not see me as your client. I am your fellow citizen. See me as your neighbor. Remember, none of us can be self-sufficient.

Do not try to modify my behavior. Be still and listen. What you define as inappropriate may be my attempt to communicate with you in the only way I can.

Do not try to change me, you have no right. Help me learn what I want to know.

Do not hide your uncertainty behind “professional” distance. Be a person who listens and does not take my struggle away from me by trying to make it all better.

Do not use theories and strategies on me. Be with me. And when we struggle with each other, let me give that rise to self-reflection.

Do not try to control me. I have a right to my power as a person. What you call non-compliance or manipulation may actually be the only way I can exert control over my life.

Do not teach me to be obedient, submissive, and polite. I need to feel entitled to say no if I am to protect myself.

Do not be charitable to me. The last thing the world needs is another Jerry Lewis. Be my ally against those who exploit me for their own gratification...I deserve more than that. Get to know me. We may become friends.

Do not help me even if it does make you feel good. Ask me if I need your help. Let me show you how to better assist me.

Do not admire me. A desire to live a full life does not warrant adoration. Respect me, for respect presumes equity.

Do not try to control my decision-making, this is my life-let me decide what I want to do with it.

Do not tell, correct and lead. Listen, support and follow.

Do not work on me. Work with me.