October 3rd, 2012


[Ravelry FOs] Socks on a Plane

I knit 11 cables before starting the gusset.

Used 2.25 mm needles from toe to after the heel on the first sock before switching to the 2.5 mm needles for the leg. I do wonder if I should knit the gusset and heel on 2.5 mm when I knit a 64 st sock using this yarn. It is a little snug on the heel.


frogs back to the beginning of the gusset

That fits better. I am now switching to a 2.75m needle one pattern repeat (6 rows) after the end of the heel.

I knitted two repeats plus one row (13 rows) and then started the cuff part of the pattern (on row 2 of a repeat).

Thu Sep 27 2012, early morning: All finished bar blocking, photographing and sewing in ends.

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