September 30th, 2012

pixelasleep, sleep

So that plan is aborted

I may have shot myself in the foot when asking that podcaster if it was just me that found "spazzy" offensive. There is apparently a group on Ravelry (that I did not know about) where podcasters talk about things like this between themselves. Well, at least one podcast that I am watching today has featured a section saying how that podcaster is so sad about how people are so critical of each other on Ravelry. Well, so am I, and I am sad about how my question was censored and ignored and then how a totally different question I asked on a totally different group was hijacked and I started to also get PMs (messages) from Ravelry members criticising me for being critical. Yeah.

Sadly, though, I think that asking that simple and honest question might have shot my ability to sell patterns that I design in the foot.

I had been thinking about doing my own podcast because I had thought that I had something to share and some stuff to teach but now, as well as my usual insecurity about my looks (awful adult acne, etc.), there is just no way that I want to do so and so there is no point in my even getting a webcam. My knitting designs will most likely never sell and so I wonder if I should bother writing them up. Yeah, woe is me. I am just totally demoralised by this.

Yeah. Asking one simple polite question using well thought out language leads to my becoming an outcast. My life over and over again since age seven, in a nutshell and all over again. I give up.

I am just going to knit for me, stay in my room and not dare to ask questions of podcasters ever again. Yeah, that sounds passive aggressive, but it is not intended as such. I mean it. Life is safer and less controversial when I stay locked in. I am even tempted to stop watching (or listening to) knitting podcasts. Maybe I should avoid Ravelry as well.