September 26th, 2012


[public] Taking a break

I am taking a break from much of my online reading on LiveJournal1, Google Reader2 so, if I don't seem to have seen3 something that you would like me to read and know about then please do either post a link to it in a comment on this post4, send me a message on LJ or email me5. I might dip in to reading LJ here and there but I have knitting to finish, designs to write up, a new World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion to play and (apparently?) a real life to live.

For those with access to my friends locked (f-locked) contacts page (also linked from my LJ profile) you can phone or SMS me as well and snail mail is love as always. Bear in mind, however, that my phone-anxiety means that I only VERY rarely answer the phone if the call is from a blocked number or a number that is not in my contacts so maybe SMS or email first - otherwise there is nothing to tell me that it is a safe phone call that will not cause me a lot of stress/pain. I am adding that last sentence to my contacts page as well 6.

The parentheticals were nesting, breeding and multiplying exponentially and so I have removed them and they have been turned into footnotes:

1 When not even friends?skip=400 shows anything that I have read then I am so far behind that I might as well just start reading at today's entries!
2 Mark All Read is my friend and yours - and so is Unsubscribe!
3 … and/or commented on.
4 … or on a subsequent public post on my journal - or a locked post if you prefer.
5 Either email me via the LJ address on my LJ profile or my direct email address if you know it (it is on my contacts page, mentioned below) - they both end up in the same inbox.
6 I have also paraphrased this and added a Too Long; Didn't Read explanation/version (TL;DR).