September 6th, 2012


I need to vent!

I realised yesterday that I only have just over 1 week of Copaxone left in the fridge (about 12 days if I am accurate). I emailed my contacts at the company that delivers it to me (Healthcare at Home) to this effect asking when my next delivery would be and asking that we use email to sort this out (I have phone anxiety and, besides, don't they know that they are delivering this medication to people with multiple sclerosis, some of whom might be intermittently hearing impaired and so unable to use the phone?!). So one of them called me and left a voicemail (that I had to use up phone credit to call and listen to) saying, in a snarky and recriminatory tone of voice that she needed to talk to me. ARGH! Which part of, "I HAVE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND PHONE ANXIETY," do they not understand?
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