August 18th, 2012


[Ravelry FOs] Honeymoon Wrap

I paid £20.40 for 6 balls of yarn. if I type this into the relevant box on this page it loses the value.

Increased to 125 sts aiming for an n x 5n wrap.

10th June 2012: Am frogging to reknit as an n x 3n wrap having seen the dimensions that it is knitting up.

2nd July 2012: All finished bar sewing in ends, blocking and photography. Will write this up at some point and decide how much to charge for the recipe – or whether to make it free. I will hopefully draw some diagrams to help explain the maths and/or provide a table of examples.

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"Anti-disabled corporation Atos, Paralympics sponsor"

Campaigners said that 1,100 claimants died last year while under compulsory work-related activity for benefit and a number of those found 'fit for work' and stripped of their benefits have committed or attempted suicide.

Anti-disabled corporation Atos, Paralympics sponsor | Dear Kitty. Some blog

Also; Thousands expressed outrage today over the confusing and “disgraceful” Paralympic ticketing system that allegedly 'bans' disabled people sitting with their families: here.