August 16th, 2012


Smudge update

Smudge is spending another night at the vets', this time free of charge. A wonderful person picked up the whole bill for last night. She has eaten a little cat pate from the nurses' fingers (she loves to eat from our fingers because then she thinks she is eating our food illicitly), has had IV fluids and some painkillers. They need to do an ultrasound but my earlier suspicion about her kidneys or liver might be founded: her liver tests are suspect and she had been drinking and weeing enough for a whole house of cats as well as her back legs giving out on her occasionally. We had put it down to just getting a little older (they are 13) or middle-aged but it now seems that it might (but we still hope not) be more than that. We will hear more tomorrow and she can hopefully come home then. I am currently numb although *this* close to sobbing. I am also hating myself for feeling that my day was easier today with her at the vets'.

If you comment please do not make me cry or I might not stop.
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BBC News links

More links emailed to myself from the BBC News app on my iPhone.

"I saw this story on the BBC News iPhone App and thought you should see it."

Chocolate 'lowers blood pressure'
There may be good news for people looking for an excuse to munch on a couple of squares of chocolate after a review showed the treat could reduce blood pressure.
"With most of the studies carried out over a short period of time it's also not possible to know for sure whether the benefits could be sustained in the long term. The 100g of chocolate that had to be consumed daily in a number of the studies would also come with 500 calories - that's a quarter of a woman's recommended daily intake.

"Beans, apricots, blackberries and apples also contain flavanols and, while containing lower amounts than in cocoa, they won't come with the unhealthy extras found in chocolate."

Right-to-die court decision due
A man paralysed from the neck down is to find out later whether his doctors will be free from prosecution if they help him to die.
"I am saddened that the law wants to condemn me to a life of increasing indignity and misery."

Paralympians will get gold stamps
Royal Mail will issue individual and team stamps for ParalympicGB gold medallists.
"Following the great success of Team GB at the Olympics, the popularity of Royal Mail's Gold Medal stamps and the way in which our gold postboxes have captured the public imagination, we have decided to commemorate ParalympicsGB's achievements in the same way"

Views sought on fit-to-work tests
Views are being sought by Stormont on people's experience of the government's fitness-to-work benefit assessments. (NI)
"When decisions are overturned on appeal, it's generally not because there was a flaw in the medical assessment - it's because all the additional information that was required from doctors, and other health professionals wasn't there"
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