July 6th, 2012

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[share] "Dear friends"

I would address this to my mother. Maybe I should. She might never speak to me again and might disinherit me. Not much of a change, then…

Originally posted by shinga at post and shared here with permission:

Dear friends

If you ever feel the need to compare me to another cripple you know... shut up.
If you ever feel the need to tell me what I should be able to do... shut up.
If you ever feel the need to compare yourself to me... shut up.

My disability isn't some one else's. My experience isn't theirs, and theirs isn't mine. They're going to be able to do stuff I can't sometimes and vice versa. Yes, you're friend/relative/coworker can drive and work a "real" job and exercise frequently and all that jazz. Good for them. BUT I'M NOT THEM. I'm also not you. You can probably do more than me. So please stop fucking telling me that I'm obviously lazy and not trying hard enough if I don't do as much as you or they do.

Seriously, I don't need your help feeling like a failure bum with no real job or future. I really, really don't. I already feel hopeless and helpless and like I deserve no respect and have no chance of ever earning it.

I already know you don't respect me. I already know what I do for a living is pathetic. I'm always broke and in pain and whining. You don't respect me and you have no reason to. But at least stop comparing me to other people and telling me I should be more like them or you. I could handle this bullshit from strangers, but I actually give a shit what my friends think.

whineyface <3

[share] "Signal Boost: Declaration of Internet Freedom"

I signed via the non-US EFF page. Shared with permission:

Originally posted by siliconshaman at Signal Boost: Declaration of Internet Freedom

A whole bunch of folks companies, organisations and the like, have gotten together to form the Declaration of Internet Freedom. This is in response to the unceasing, increasing levels of censorship, restriction of use and erosion of net neutrality principles that underlie the way we use the internet, and that threaten it's useful existence.

Basically, it's saying we don't want the internet to be turned into something more akin to cable TV just because a bunch of politicians and CEO's don't understand it, and are trying to make it fit into their worldview that way. We want a free internet, not free as in 'free beer' but free as in Freedom.

Clicking on the image below takes you to the techdirt discussion page.

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