June 14th, 2012


Testing → Twitter

Originally posted by natdaylog at Testing → Twitter

I am reversing the behaviour of the natdaylog LiveJournal account and the corresponding Twitter account. I used to use the LJ account to aggregate the tweets but now I am going to use the LJ to publish longer than 140-character posts and have them auto-tweeted.

I was using Tumblr to do this instead of LJ but the Tumblr → Twitter behaviour was so bugged as to rarely happen. Also, I have LJ clients on my iPad and iPhone and so can now delete the Tumblr clients (assuming that this works).

So, this is a post made solely to test my new use of this LJ.

Okay, so I need to put any text I want in the tweet into the LJ post title. All LJ tweets is the title and URL.

Now, if only I could aggregate more than one twitter account (or any mix of RSS feeds) as post(s) to this (permanent) LJ account (and/or aggregate another public LJ (natdaylog)) to this one for permanence/posterity. If only I still had a programmer-brain then I could write this in some kind of scheduled code… Damned MonSter!