May 25th, 2012

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"The State of Science Fiction"

The Wordsmith's Forge - The State of Science Fiction

An interesting discussion about science fiction as triggered by ysabetwordsmith reading an article entitled Why is Science Fiction Dying?. I heartily recommend the post and it comments.

My comment/reply was as follows:

This ties back to my not believing in the labels "genre fiction" and "literary fiction". All fiction is literary and it all has one genre or many. I also prefer the label "speculative fiction" over both "science fiction" (which I have always preferred be called "futurist fiction", anyway, and much of what used to be called sci. fi. is now within current technology because we live in the future envisioned when the 70s sci. fi. was written!) and "fantasy" - especially because, as you say, the boundaries between these pseudo-genres are now very fluid. Most spec. fic. that I read or read about, these days, is a mixture of genres. The author of the linked article (to which my first response was, "Why is science fiction dying? It isn't!") may be bemoaning the reduction of HARD science fiction but in my opinion that is inevitable because most of the science as yet not popularly known by most people on the street is so wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey (or stringy, at least) that it would not make for good reading by anyone other than an astrophysicist or nuclear physicist. Sci. fi. is bound to cross boundaries into other "genres" to make it readable!
Just my opinion / £0.02.