May 13th, 2012

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[link] "Running Around, Grown-Ups, and the Act of Doing"

alexandraerin posted the following a few days ago and because, as usual, I am days behind reading LJ, I have only just seen it. It is about writing (or any other sport/craft/art) being worth doing for the sake of doing it, even if you will never make money out of it or even finish a project:

A moofable feast. - Running Around, Grown-Ups, and the Act of Doing

My reply/comment:

It is similar to what those of us who knit call a process knitter (someone like me who knits because they like DOING the knitting and learning new knitting techniques) as opposed to those other knitters that are product knitters (those people, like my mum, who knit things and who see the finished product as the only point of knitting).

Strangely, most other things that I do I am more likely to give up if I am not great at it and am not interested in practising or improving. e.g. writing, drawing, painting - things that I am not bad at but somehow do not have the urge to persist with.


[links] Inside the Actors Studio on YouTube

Three or four hours after reading a post else-LJ about the "Inside The Actors Studio" (sic - I really want to add an apostrophe!) and searching YouTube I am now coming up for breath. Johnny Depp (WOW!). Will Smith. Morgan Freeman. There are loads more that I want to watch (Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore and SO many more!) but if I do I will never sleep or eat!

That said, I am, at least, able to knit whilst watching… ;-p