April 25th, 2012

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[repost] The weird will rule the universe, you know.

Originally posted by brightlotusmoon at The weird will rule the universe, you know.

"Remember, weirdness is not a thing by itself. Weirdness is a matter of degrees. I don't even know what normal is. I was born weird and I'll die weird (one of my degrees of weird is having multiple physical, mental, and neurological disabilities that, while highly limiting and often debilitating, make life extremely interesting). I should design a t-shirt that says Born This Weird."
-Me, from to a Facebook discussion about why being weird is awesome.

I repost/share/reblog this as I sit here knitting at almost 5 am having been up all night. Again. Yes, I am suddenly aware of this and so starting to feel like I could sleep. Until being aware of this I would have likely been wide awake for days, assuming that I did not become aware of it.

No, I am not normal. Nobody is. I am pretty damned weird and proud of that fact.