April 10th, 2012


SKYP sock(s)

SKYP sock(s) by natalief
SKYP sock(s), a photo by natalief on Flickr.

I have finished my first ever top-down sock and started the second. I tried to knit one once as my first sock and could not get my head around the heel flap and gusset instructions. Since then my knitting skill has levelled up a LOT and I have knit many many different typed of toe-up socks albeit with short-row heel, heel-flap and/or gusset and so when I saw this pattern mentioned on a knitting video podcast (The Knit Girllls) I decided that I would give it a try with some left over Wendy Happy light-fingering sock yarn, even though the pattern (free, via ravelry, “Skyp Socks”) called for sport-weight yarn (a yarn weight I have yet to find for sale in a LYS in the UK.

Maybe that is what we call 6 ply? We call fingering-weight / sock-weight yarn “4 ply”, whatever spinning ply the yarn actually is.

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More spelling mistakes or, maybe, differing national spellings?

Very often, recently, I see people spelling "morale" as "moral" and "breathe" as "breath". Now these are four very different words as far as I can tell from my UK knowledge of the English language. Are "morale" and "breathe" truly spelled in these, to me, odd ways elsewhere in the world or are these just two more examples of different dialects of English spelling words in such strange ways that they look like very different words to me? According to dictionary.reference.com the "moral"/"morale" confusion may actually be an internationalisation confusion.

Writer's Block: Back on the Menu

Restaurants have a way of removing your favorite items from their menu just after you've discovered how much you love them (such as seasonal or 'limited time only' items). What beloved dish, drink, or dessert do you wish was available all the time? If you could get it anytime, how often would you do so?

I miss the dairy-free soft "ice cream" that our local Beefeater restaurant used to serve. I understand that the EU prefers that we do not sell/eat anything purporting to be "ice cream" if there is no cream or other dairy produce in it but some of us are dairy-intolerant and that used to be the only place I could eat in a restaurant and eat desert. I used to really look forward to it!