February 26th, 2012


[Ravelry FOs] Twisted Rib Mitts for knitting in the cold

I made some mitts based on the twisted rib in the Nereid Mitts that I made over here but without the Pomotamus lace pattern – just twisted rip from cuff to fingers.

I cast on with 72 sts of a tubular in-the-round cast-on (youtube) on 2.5 mm needles and not start knitting tbl until the next row of ribbing (on 2.25 needles), i.e. row 2 of the ribbing.

Thumb in the same place as Nereid, increasing to 19 sts (instead of 17 sts for my chunky thumbs) before putting thumb sts on waste yarn and completing this 22 row repeat and casting off (tubular). Picked up 8 sts to complete thumb with. Purled first of reserved sts together with last of picked up sys to make an even number of sts for the twisted rib. 7 rows and then cast off (tubular).

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Writer's Block: Socially Active

What are your favorite LJ communities?

I currently belong to 80 communities. Some of my favourites (i.e. ones that I am pleased to see crop up on my reading page and to read posts from, even if the subject matter for some might not be jolly or happy) are _survivors_, ae_stories, crowdfunding, migraines, shadowunitfans, unusual_minds, nonidiotswithms, introverts and quirkyalone.

The question I answered here, in case they change it (which they have done before), was, "What are your favorite LJ communities?" (sic)