February 25th, 2012


What a really bad one feels like to me...

This is oh so true and beautifully written. I rarely (thankfully!) get these really bad ones myself since being given propranolol for vestibular migraines, but it still pisses me off when someone with a bad HEADACHE will say they have a MIGRAINE. NO. NOT the same thing at ALL!

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My psychologist asked me to write something about my migraines. The text below just sort of happened when I sat down in front of the computer. I figured I should post it here because I'm sure some of you might have similar experiences. And some of you might have completely different ones. I feel like I should label this text with all kinds of warnings. It might be upsetting to read. I know it was upsetting to write. I don't get migraines like these very often, though. Most of the time the triptans do their work pretty well.

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