February 14th, 2012


Overheard in Starbucks

I had agreed I share my table with a woman/girl because the table had three chairs and there was only one of me.

"I'll just take the weight off," she said as she sat. I just nodded and continued to knit.

After about ten minutes she sighed dramatically and stood up; "Oh no! I've got to go back to work! I am so tired! I am a florist and it is so busy today!" It took me a few minutes to realise that today is the 14th February and so is Valentine's day.

So I replied, "I wish I could work. I have multiple sclerosis and cannot stand for long." I immediately regretted engaging her in conversation. Yeah, here it came; "Nor can I!!!" I swear that I could see the exclamation marks. "You could come and help us?!" At this point I just smiled blankly and wished her a better afternoon.

*sigh* <rhetorical>Why to I even bother to try to educate and inform people (which is my nature)?</rhetorical> They are so wrapped up in their own little worlds (to paraphrase a poem I wrote at about age 13) - and I have been the same in the past. Maybe it will sink in eventually like things did for me…

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