January 23rd, 2012


Audiobook/story Podcasts?

When I am knitting something repetitive and relatively simple I can read the mac/web/iPad/iBooks/Kindle-app but I like to listen to audiobooks and audiobook podcasts while I am knitting something that takes more concentration and requires that I look at my knitting and/or a chart/pattern almost constantly.

I have recently finished listening, finally, to Shadow Falls part three, Angel of Death via iTunes* and have previously loved listening to Table Rappers by Neil Dixon and I am looking for recommendations of other audiobook style podcasts - or any other sources of free audiobooks (yes, I need to see what our library has to offer). Those are both horror/thriller settings but I also like classic literature, SF&F and many other genres of story.

In the past I have downloaded a few others that I did not get around to listening to and so unsubscribed (e.g. some by Scott Siegler (sp?)) and so I would need to re-download them, maybe. I just wondered if anyone out there had some other ideas! iTunes is not being very helpful in recommending me audiobook podcasts.

In the past I have listened to Librivox which audio podcasts books that are in the public domain (i.e. out of copyright) read by volunteers from the texts on the Gutenberg Project but they have not put anything new out for a while from what I can see - maybe due to a lack of readersat a guess. I also listen to a few knitting podcasts and Cory Doctorow's Craphound podcast in which he often reads some of his writing but I need more choices!

So, what audiobooks and audiobook podcasts do people here like to listen to that maybe I can pick up/download?

* I find Mark Yoshimoto Nemkoff's delivery in books two and three a little annoying but he mellowed a little by book three so I have finally managed to push myself to finish listening to it. Book one is performed by actors in the style of a radio play which I LOVED but can see that this would be slower and more expensive to produce. The stories in the three books are adult and horror in nature.

Writer's Block: Dress up your Pet Day

Post a photo of your pet in costume.


a) It is cruel to do this to animals that would not understand it and were not used to it (our cats are 13+ and have never even worn collars - they are indoors-only cats).
b) I would need extensive skin grafts to replace all of the skin lacerated by their claws, including on my face no doubt.

Instead and to prove my second point, this userpic is made from a photo of Pixel taken a few years ago while he was killing a particularly ornery piece of sisal.

The question I answered here, in case they change it (which they have done before), was, "Post a photo of your pet in costume."