January 8th, 2012


It is not only me!

catvalente (Catherine M. Valente) and many commenters also live in the land of the night:
Rules for Anchorites - I Am Done With My Graceless Heart

The comments are well worth a read as well.

Also, from the comments, naamah_darling linked to her earlier post:
Shadow Muse - Waiting For The Wind

naamah_darling's post-before-that is also apt and describes a feeling I have had as long as I can remember:
Shadow Muse - Home Again
mole-think, writing, write, mole-write

My heart lives

My heart lives
in Seattle in the spring
Rye Harbour in the summer
York in the autumn.

In the winter it sleeps
away the daylight hours
and roams wakefulness in the dark night
restless for heart's home.

- n
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