January 5th, 2012

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Not again

I seem to have upset someone out there on TEH INTARWEBZ by expressing my opinions and enthusiastically trying to inform others about another point of view. In a venue that is ostensibly called a "Café" and that usually allows healthy discourse and discussion. Apparently my (hopefully) clear, concise and correct English is rude and by saying "In Britain, this is how it is," I am heard to be saying, "You silly USians, you don't understand Britain." Those don't even begin to look similar to me.

Maybe I should (throws in a passive aggressive pout) just stop reading LiveJournal altogether or, at least, stop commenting on posts by people that I do not know well and face to face. The only problem with the latter suggestion is that LiveJournal is about 95% of my "social" life. Why yes, yes I am a shut-in.

P.S. I have saved the comments I made (and that I received notification emails for, thank goodness!) in a private post here on my LJ and so thankfully the switching off of comments on that post has not meant the erasure of my writing/words. Sometimes LJ does something right!

P.P.S. The owner of the LJ in question and I have conversed via email - I apologised and they explained. I will likely make this post private eventually as well.
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Writer's Block: Happy New Year!

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

My New Year’s Resolution is not to make any New Year’s Resolutions because when I have in the past, I have always "failed" and I find that counter-productive and depressing. Instead I have jotted down (on my iPad, naturally) a small list of things I would like to try to do; more goals or things to aim for than resolutions.

  1. DayLogging food, meds, sleep, symptoms, etc. Maybe better journaling of what I do each day as well. iPad journaling app?

  2. Wear my non-short-work glasses more, e.g. Walking around the house. Will need a way to carry my glasses case at all times. Handbag or similar or is that too complex for in the house?

  3. Finish Neil's sweater and my other UFOs.

So far for #1 I have a spreadsheet in Numbers on the iPad (that I learned today how to transfer to and from Excel/Numbers on the iMac) and so far I have been keeping it updated. I have also started adding actual times to my @natdaylog tweets because I can make those from the bed and using my phone whereas I do not have Numbers and a central/cloud spreadsheet but I can update the spreadsheet later based on @natdaylog. This is all working quite well so far. I did toy with making LJ posts using the template that I used in my 750words posts for Daylogging Metadata but that might be too much spam for you all to read. Agreed it would be a central repository. I would rather not have to post this data in too many places, though, otherwise it will all get out of sync. I do need to work out how to save my Numbers spreadsheet to my Dropbox because that would be a great way to synchronise it.

The question I answered here, in case they change it (which they have done before), was, "What is your New Year’s Resolution?"

Another cross-posted comment about language evolves into a missive about the unfairness of MonSter-r

I do find it fascinating how the English language varies (and mutates) from place to place and time to time. The definition-in-usage in my head for "heroine" is exactly the same as yours for "hera" and 'my' definition for "heronet" is "baby heron" (á la 'eaglet') but apparently it is not a real word (see below). ;-p

I had been meaning to ask you why you use "hera" instead of the usual "heroine" and I think I can now understand it a little but I cannot as yet internalise it. Thank you for explaining!

P.S. both "hera" and "heronet" throw up red squiggly lines underneath them on my mac. Also, neither word is in my (UK) dictionary.

I posted this comment in reply to a post by ysabetwordsmith about Heras and Vilainesses.

I am increasingly of the opinion that I am getting old (I am 44 but often feel more like it looks like 94might feel) and that the English language in use these days is almost nothing like the one I learned at school. Yes, I know language evolves. Sadly the MonSter means that I have an altzheimers-like strangeness of memory that means I can remember stuff from my childhood more easily than stuff from yesterday. This is a pain because, despite how my childhood was pretty awful in so many ways, it means that I often cannot remember how to do something that I was only taught to do last week.

I also wonder if this might be why people sometimes understand what I mean by my words on 'teh intarwebz'. In part because they are from elsewhere in the world and so use a similar but different dialect of English and also, possibly, because they are younger, or older, and so have a different snapshot of the evolution of the English Language installed in their brain's language module.


I am off to play some WoW. At least I know that nobody that I have met recently in WoW speaks any form of English at all!