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[Ravelry Frogged] Cabled Herne Rustic Jacket/Cardigan

Sun 8 Dec 2013
This has been hibernating unofficially for months now having finished the lower and upper body. I have resisted starting the sleeves or hood because I am almost convinced that I do not have enough yarn. Instead I am going to frog this (first marking it as Finished so that it gets blogged from Ravelry to and thence to and then, once the blogging has worked, I will mark it as frogged) and then make a Shellseeker using the yarn.

Sun 27 Jan 2013
Knitting samplers/prototypes for the cables (using red and white DK Patons 100% cotton and 3.75 mm needles) and learning vertical intarsia at the same time!

Sun 20 Jan 2013
I have increased the lower portion of the jacket eight times in the way described below and tried it on. It is flared enough for my hips but not as long as I would like and so I will knit straight down from here.

Sat 19 Jan 2013
I did rip it out and restart. I knit a longer waistband (17 repeats instead of 16 this time), picked up one stitch for every stitch along the side to knit down and am increasing avery four rows for a few times to give some shape to the hips but not the A-line called for in the pattern/recipe. If I had done 18 repeats of the waist it would have fit my hips perfectly and so I knit one fewer than that.

Mon 7 Jan 2013
Seriously considering ripping this out having almost finished the lower part because it is so very A-line and I am not that shape. I would lengthen the waistband to nearer the size of my hips/bust and make the jacket more straight down and up from the waist. Yes, I do have a waist, but this pattern/recipe does not best work with my waist and hips as written and so, rather than spend hours trying to make it work, I am just going to make a jacket with a less waspy waist than I have myself.

Notes / “pattern” for waistband:
Cast on 32 using Twisted German Cast-on.
Knit row 16 of the Waist Cable Chart.
Knit the chart 16 times (16 rows and 32 sts per repeat including a 2sts reverse stocking stitch (p2) band and a 2 st knit edging (k2) for picking up stitches, on both sides of the cable, i.e. the cable is only 24 sts wide).
Modified German Bind-off/cast-off.

Jan 1 2013; 00:27
Casting on the waistband!

Gauge/tension = 17 sts and 22 rows per 10 cm using 5 mm needles.

Designing cable(s) for the waist, sleeves and hood using Intwined Pattern Studio (Ravelry group) ahead of starting to knit on 1st Jan.

The first ball of Hayfield yarn (the brown CC) was 100% yarn barf when I tried to pull from the centre to start to knit a swatch and so I ended up winding all 400g into 8 smaller balls (roughly 50g each, I guess; using my hand-winding-centre-pull-balls-because-I-do-not-nave-a-ball-winder technique – I really must do that tutorial video!) and so cutting the one length of yarn into eight lengths. I figured that that would be okay because I will be using that yarn for the cable portions of the cardigan/jacket. This is why I have only given this yarn three stars. It is much softer then the minty coloured version that had viscose in it – this is just acrylic and wool.

I have ended up winding the first large skein/ball of the MC into smaller balls in the same way, this time winding from the outside of the large ball so as not to have to wrestle with the yarn-barf that I would no doubt get trying to pull from the centre. I did see if I could find the centre end of the yarn but quickly gave up.

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