December 10th, 2011

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What a great idea!

Seen suggested in the comments thread on a post on Wendy D Johnson's blog (halfway through the post Wendy continued her series of suggestions of presents for non-knitters to buy the knitters in their lives):
- a fishing worm/tackle binder as a binder for circular knitting needles!

I have been trying to find something just like this or like the Namaste Circular Case part-way down this page or even contemplating purchasing and modification of a CD case. The idea suggested in this comment then led me to google and I have found a few knitter blog posts about just this subject:

Taming Circular Needles

Worm Binder and needle storage

…and a great Shimano example that I found on (20 pockets would be ideal!).

I can see another trip to our local fishing tackle shop in my future!
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