December 5th, 2011


Knitting as an RPG?

I keep levelling up my knitting skills. Every time I learn something new I feel pretty damn proud of myself, even if I say so myself!

My new-to-me-since-I-first-learned-to-knit-as-a-child knitting techniques are:
– magic-loop.
– entrelac.
– knitting backwards (i.e. purling back in stocking stitch without turning my work).
– continental knitting (I am an English/American/thrown knitter by original teaching) so that I could knit with both hands at once, one colour in each hand.
– cables without a cable needle.
– many other useful knitting techniques that I forget right now such as cast on and cast/bind off methods. See my Knitting Links page for links to videos or sites about some of these techniques.

Most of these I taught myself by watching videos online or merely trial and error but some I learned in face-to-face classes.

Also, and most shockingly, in the last couple of weeks I have taught myself how to use double pointed needles (DPNs) to knit small items in the round instead of using magic loop! I originally taught myself magic-loop instead of DPNs because I was concerned that I would be too clumsy to knit with DPNs without dropping/losing them (which is also the reason that I learned to cable without a cable needle – one less thing to drop!). On a good/non-clumsy day using DPNs can actually be easier than magic-loop, when working on tiny items in-the-round, because of the need in the latter method of having to keep pulling the circular needle through as you get to the next half of the stitches.

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