November 4th, 2011


"PLEASE DON'T…" repost

Spotted in an email on the jjuk mailing list where it was reposted from the FaceBook original (link below) with permission:


"Don't assume because I look well
... That I feel well. Looks can be
very deceiving.Many days I look
great but I feel terrible.

Don't ask me how I feel unless you
really want to know.You may hear
a lot more than you are prepared
to listen to.

Don't tell me you know how I feel.
No-one knows how anyone else feels.
Two people with the same disease may
feel totally different.

Don't tell me about your Aunt Gertrude
And her MS and how well she managed
in spite of it. I am not Aunt Gertrude
and I'm doing my best.

Don't tell me
“ It could be worse.”
Yes, it could be
But I don't need to be reminded.

Don't decide what I am capable of doing.
Allow ME to decide what activities I can do.
There may be times I make the wrong
Decision, and if I do I'll know it soon enough.

Don't be upset that
I cannot ease my problems.It won't do any good
for any of us to be

Don't assume that because I
did a certain activity yesterday
that I can do it again today.
MS is ever changing.

Do realise that I am Angry and
frustrated with the disease –

by John Habkirk

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