September 22nd, 2011

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This is the third day running that I have completed 750words but I am posting these as private entries on my livejournal for posterity because nobody opted in as interested in reading what I write. That said, I do have a snippet from today's words that I would like to post with added formatting:

It turns out that another reason that Into Dust by Mazzy Star (used for the Gears of War 3 adverts) is such an earworm for me was not that I had that track (although I do have a couple by them in iTunes) but more that I recognised her voice. The vocalist in Mazzy Star is Hope Sandoval who sings on a track or two of Heligoland by Massive Attack, most notably Paradise Circus which was used for the theme music of the Luther TV series. Also very earworm-worthy. Hope's voice is so ethereal and chilled out.

I am getting sleepy and so may head off to bed soon.
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