August 20th, 2011


I don't even…

ETA: And now Firefox is doing the same. :(

I have no idea why but OSX Safari has started telling me that all images from certain websites are broken images/links and so I have stopped reading Google Reader in Safari and started using Firefox for Google Reader (which has no problem serving those sites' images for me). Weird.

Crochet Hook Size Conversion Table

USA English Metric
000 10.0mm
N 00 9.00mm
0 8.00mm
K-10 1/2 2 7.00mm
10 1/4 3 6.50mm
J-10 4 6.00mm
I-9 5 5.50mm
H-8 6 5.00mm
7 7 4.50mm
G-6 8 4.00mm
F-5 9 3.75mm
E-4 9 3.50mm
D-3 10 3.25mm
C-2 12 2.75mm
B-1 13 2.25mm
B-1 14 2.00mm
5 steel - 1.75mm
7 steel - 1.50mm
8 steel - 1.25mm
10 steel - 1.00mm



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