August 19th, 2011


My tweets

  • Thu, 16:21: Remembered how to use my sewing machine (yay manual) and mended 2 of 3 pairs of trousers (one his one mine). WTB navy blue sewing thread.
  • Thu, 17:56: I still don't have this album. I forgot to buy it with my birthday money. Radiohead 'The King Of Limbs'
  • Thu, 18:59: #fedcats 2 of n.
  • Thu, 18:59: I wish I could remember what app to use to scan a multipage PDF document into from my scanner. Also wish I could take lid of scanner off.
  • Thu, 19:12: #fedcats 3 of 3 all gone.

Knitting pattern row as a poem stanza

I am knitting another Walker Treasury Project sampler and one of the rows had a seven stitch repeat that scans, to me, poetically:

Knit one, yarn over,
Slip slip knit (it),
Knit one, knit two tog.,
Yarn over, knit (one).

I say that to myself as I knit that row and it even scans in the same rhythm as I knit the stitches (an SSK takes three or four beats to knit but a k2tog only takes one or two). Funkay!
pixelasleep, sleep

Flash Fiction Friday: "Unrest"

Out of all of this week's stories and essays, the one that I feel rings most true and in like mind, to me, is the following:

Innocents and Accidents, Hints and Allegations: Flash Fiction Friday: "Sweep The Street"

… But the people who drifted in, looking at these new grads with their pressed pants and shiny black shoes, knew better. They knew the game had been rigged since before they were born. They knew that the winners were going to keep winning, that there wasn't any way to move up, that nobody cared one whit about them or their problems. They didn't know who George Orwell was, most of them, but they would have agreed with him that the future was just more boots stepping on their face, over and over again.

Yes, yes I am a liberal/socialist. Why do you ask?