August 11th, 2011


Writing prompt from cluudle

cluudle gave me the writing prompt of "Sheep", over here (where they wrote something for my prompt of "Nine is the worst place and time.") and so, after some initial thought:

My first thoughts are 'wool' (because I am knitting) and an advert I saw the other day on TV where a flock of sheep were walking around in a town.

I give you this:

Well, Mary had a little lamb, but then it grew up into a big-old sheep and she bought a few more until she had quite a flock. Her cousin Pete helped her with them, feeding and dipping, and she kept them in her grandfather's barn which had a pretty large field outside and so they were almost free-range with a nice safe place to sleep. They only had one episode of problems with local stray dogs hunting them as a pack but Pete's geran shepherd kept the straggly, scrawny and almost starving mutts at bay until Pete could scare them off with his shotgun. He carefully shot in the air so as not to hurt them. Pete would have no part in harming an animal or a human and he spent the next few weeks making sure that the fences around the yard and the field were more secure.

Getting someone to shear the flock was more tricky because most sheep farmers in this day and age used machines and she could not afford to pay for the time at a large shearers, let alone her feeling that those machines were not as humane as hand-searing. Weeks passed and the flock's wool was growing longer and more unkmpt, despite her starting to look for sherarers months before she would need them. Any shearers she found needed her to deliver the flock to them and charges what she considered to be unreasonable fees for the shearing on top of her needing to pay for transportation.

Perhaps she sould have expected this problem from the start because this was not sheep country, but she eventually found some bloke called Shaun who had his own shears and he was happy to be paid in knitted sweaters, once she had got around to knitting them, of course! Her friend Sally knew how to spin and was teaching her. What had seemed a grand idea and a perfect way to use grandfather's land once he passed away and kee her in yarn for her knitting obsession had turned into a total change for her whole life - and she was loving it.

Anyone got any more writing prompts for me?

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