August 9th, 2011


Londoners check in please

I hope that everyone living in areas with riots are okay. Pipe up here if you are and then I will only worry about those of you that are silent. Then again, even if you are okay, you may not see this post and/or may not have the means to reply. Not sure what to suggest.

Because I do not have the spoons to write more and this is all triggering the FU©K out of me (too many memories of the Thatcherite 80s and the riots back then), I am glad that, yet again, siliconshaman has said most of what I would say and more:
The Tao of the Silicon.Shaman - Britain is burning

Yes, I am nowhere near the riot areas right now. I was not nearby in the 80s either. Nevertheless I found it traumatic back then and am finding it traumatic now and so am avoiding the news (and even the BBC is sounding like my mum and the Daily Mail right about now!). So, this is me avoiding any more BBC News, playing NiN and other Reznor music whilst knitting and pattern-designing. Or trying to.
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Test Your Vocabulary?

Test Your Vocabulary

Apparently I know 35,100 words. This "test" did not test if I knew a correct definition for a word, it just asks us to tick words that we THINK we know *a* definition for. Hmm.

Yes, this was a welcome diversion from my more reality-based anxieties. No, I don't think it proves anything let alone does what it sets out to test.