July 31st, 2011

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One small regret

I have a number of regrets. While I am sure that it is noble to go through life with no regrets, I cannot, personally, see how that would be possible without being oblivious and callous.

So, anyway, I have been surfing around on flickr and some photos there reminded me of my university days. Sadly, all of my many 35mm film photographs from those days and before were destroyed by water damage about 20 years ago and my regret is that there were not digital cameras and flickr around during my childhood and while I was at uni. I took some photos that I am still proud of taking and do regret/mourn their loss.
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"Dancing with MS - A Summer of Accumulation"

Dancing with MS - A Summer of Accumulation

I wish that I could force my mother to read and understand this. Just because she knows/knew one person (an ex-coworker of hers) with MS that is not as badly affected as I am with regards to these two symptoms (everyone with MS gets dealt a different hand of symptom cards and to differing levels) must mean that either I am faking it or I am lazy and not bothering to try hard enough. *splat*
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Part 746349587 in a series of un-yelled rants

Dear neighbour below,

Yes, you are lucky enough to have a small garden space. Yes, it was early Saturday evening when you started playing loud music and laughing/shrieking/yelling at each other in the garden. Then you went out and all was quiet again.

Yes, I did not hold my breath. No, 00:40 am, when you rolled back home loudly talking and playing music again, is not still Saturday night, it is freakin' early on Sunday morning! Yes, I am nocturnal and "work" at my hobbies at night. However, you have two children and the neighbours around us have children as well. Hubby was woken up. You are *still* sitting out in the garden gossiping, shrieking and laughing. There is tinny (maybe smartphone?) music playing and it is now 02:35 am. GO TO BED! Or, at least, GO INSIDE and/or SHUT UP!!!!


And now they are singing along with said tinny music. I know firearms are illegal in the UK but does anyone have a shotgun I can shoot over their heads please?!

Also, do they realise that I can hear every word they are saying up here (second floor UK or third floor US) WITH MY WINDOW SHUT?!?!?!


I have just heard hubby stir again so the singing woke him up again. And now they are on the eldest child's trampoline.

*sigh* as a trampoline coach (and so responsible for trampoline safety when coaching), even lapsed, I actually hope they hurt themselves enough that they go inside.

This is me as a bitter and angry old woman at almost-44.

ETA: P.S. They seem to have gone indoors! I can hear the tawny owls again!
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"Part I: Survivor’s Rights & Responsibilities"

Spotted on Alexandra Erin (alexandraerin)'s Tumblr feed (alexerintumblr) and quoted in full (with the source PDF linked at the bottom):
Part I: Survivor’s Rights & Responsibilities
As a survivor of abuse, in any of its forms, I have the right to:
1. Name rape, incest, sexual molestation, assault, battery, domestic violence, and all forms of abuse in all its forms.
2. Feel angry, hurt, sad, loving, or forgiving of my perpetrator(s), and any friend(s) or family who has collaborated with the violence.
3. Speak about my abuse.
4. Have a space to reflect on my personal history without judgment.
5. The physical and psychological care that is necessary for surviving trauma.
6. A safe and secure home.
7. Safe relationships with family, friends, partners, lovers and service providers.
8. Confront perpetrators and those who have participated in violations and abuses.
9. Leave.
10. Take action to stop the abuse.
11. Feel beautiful and loveable.
12. Love and be loved.
As a survivor of abuse, in any of its forms, I have the responsibility to:
1. Take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually–whatever that means for me.
2. Reflect on the ways abuse has affected me and to seek appropriate forms of support.
3. Understand the sources of my pain.
4. Interrupt patterns of abuse and self-abuse in my own behaviour that hurt me and/or others.
5. Take full responsibility for my choices and behaviours.
6. Reach out to other survivors as a source of support or to provide support.
7. Live my life to the best of my abilities and with the goal of reaching my full potential.
8. Stay present to myself and to my needs.
9. Form healthy relationships that nourish me.
10. Claim my own desire.
11. Accept my beauty, power, strengths, weaknesses and humanity in the world.
12. Survive my history, circumstances and violations.
The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Partner Abuse In Activist Communities