July 18th, 2011

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Stephanie Burgis - "Finding Inspiration"

Stephanie asks about where we go to find peace or inspiration:
Stephanie Burgis - Finding Inspiration

My reply/comment:

A coffee shop. A library. Somewhere I can people-watch and write or knit and read.

My aunt's down in Rye Harbour. My brother's in Kent. Anywhere that isn't home, usual and so has different sights and sounds. This userpic is from a photo I took of the field at the bottom of my brother's garden. Some of my best writing was done in his office at the private girl's school he teaches PE at because that corridor had the music practice rooms on it and I grew up learning clarinet, saxophone and flute.

Seattle. Well, one can dream. I have been there twice and remember it feeling like home despite being thousands of miles from where I grew up.

Anywhere that reminds me of my childhood although the best reminders are usually sounds of rural UK gardens in the summertime - birdsong and buzzing bees.

Where do you find inspiration and most easily release your creativity?
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"The Return To Innocence - Cages and Releases"

What I would love some people (or one person in particular) to read, absorb and learn from (but she never will):

The Return To Innocence - Cages and Releases

So, again, you (that person) are not me and you cannot imagine what it is like to live in my shoes.

Unless you have the ability to telepathically put yourself inside our minds and experience our pains and problems... don't tell us how we must live according to your standards.