July 13th, 2011

yay, yay-cat

Natalie Ford Knits

It is done! Natalie Ford Knits exists and is syndicated on LJ as nataliefordknit (I was not allowed enough characters for the full blog name! ;-p). I have updated my Ravelry profile to point at that blog instead of this one and the sampler pattern that I had created on Ravelry as a free download now points there and not here.

I have started to copy posts from my knitting tag on this blog over to that one whilst also backdating them there to the date they were originally posted here. If that makes sense. Just don't try to say that when as tired as I am or when drunk.

I just wish I could work out how to get my flickr account to see the new blog so that it will post to it but then it is a hosted WordPress blog and not a wordpress.com WordPress blog. I know I can still post my photos to the blog by hand and, lets face it, I am used to hand-coding in HTML for LJ anyway, so that is nothing new, really.

I am off to bed now, honest!

So. Yeah. I made this. zzzzzzz

[Natalie Ford Knits] Further thoughts

I woke up a few minutes ago and could not go back to sleep because my brain started noodling away at pattern pricing. I think I have decided to make anything publicly published (on here or Ravelry) available as a free pattern (i.e. published publicly on the new blog as well and a free PDF download on Ravelry) and anything else I will write up and charge for the PDFs on Ravelry but maybe make partial posts on the blog i.e. information about the pattern with a link to the Ravelry download. That way I do not need to deal with payments for PDFs on the blog. I don't think we have eCommerce solutions installed on the host (the cooperative that hubby is a member of over at ourshack.com).