June 22nd, 2011


Festivids! - Gift vid for lcsbanana (Batman Beyond)

Title of vid: Hurt
Vidder: thatfangirl
Recipient: lcsbanana
Fandom: Batman Beyond (Movie, DVD)
Music: "Hurt" originally by Nine Inch Nails / NiN / Trent Reznor, covered by Johnny Cash
Summary: "You could have it all." Spoilers for Return of the Joker.
Content notes: Physical triggers
Length: 3:45

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Source: Festivids! - Gift vid for lcsbanana (Batman Beyond)

My comment on fv_poster:

Wow. Awesome marriage of video and music. Doesn't hurt that that is my favourite cover of one of my favourite Trent Reznor / NiN tracks…

*adds to memories*

It is also one of my favourite tracks of all time and perfectly mirrors the bleak desolation of Batman's life. Especially in "Batman of the Future" which is what "Batman Beyond" was called here in the UK.

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