June 17th, 2011

lol-cat, muahaha

Things that have made me laugh tonight

I adore metaquotes and have found many new fun LJs to read over the years. This particular metaquotes entry, a techie-style joke that non-techies may also find amusing, had me ROFLMAO (quietly so as not to wake hubby or the neighbours), as the poster says!
I laughed out loud. I really did.

Then I read this entry from suricattus about her cat called Boomer:
Poor kitty, but this reminded me of a Simon's Cat comic-video so much!

ETA: Bonus cute! A cat on a boat plays with and loves on dolphins!

This MonSter is so frustrating!!! :(

Well, the MonSter (MS, multiple sclerosis) and its sibling monsterlings including DelayedSleepPhaseDisorder when they act together, in concert, to foil my plans and disrupt my life and the lives of those around me.

I am pretty much nocturnal right now and got hungry at about 0215. I decided to toast my DFGF english muffins but forgot that they need much less time in the toaster than anything else I toast (I have no idea what is in them that s so flammable compared to the other DFGF bread products that I eat). I turned away to throw the packaging in the bin and they decided to burn which, of course, set off the smoke alarm. Cue woken hubby and neighbours.

So, not only can I not trust myself to use the George Foreman Grill without forgetting to turn it off and almost burning down the kitchen/flat but I now cannot trust myself to toast some English Muffins because I am hungry without waking up the whole town!



So, I now need to remember to watch the DFGF english muffins like a hawk when I am toasting them and/or remember not to toast/eat them in the middle of what most people call the night but I call my most productive and focussed part of the day.


I foretell the use of even *more* sticky notes (of this there are already loads all over the flat) reminding me to do things or not to do things, one of which reminds me/us to turn of the GFGrill. We should buy shares/stock/options/futures/something in Post-It™.

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