June 11th, 2011


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  • Fri, 15:34: Stunned by those five words towards the end of chapter nine of #Deadline. Poor, poor Shaun. Trying hard not to give #spoilerssweetie
  • Fri, 23:10: Not the best of days. Some knitting #30daysofcreativity a lot of sleep and an upset gut. Also my INO has returned.
  • Sat, 00:24: Just finished chapter thirteen of Deadline. Even better than Feed and I loved Feed!
  • Sat, 00:25: Taking a break from reading that too, though, because it is in a serif font and, despite being able to set the contrast lower on my mac…
  • Sat, 00:27: … I cannot work out how to view #kindle books in a sans serif font (on mac and iPhone) so I can't read as long as I'd like (head/eye pain).
  • Sat, 00:28: Everything on the web I can use a sans serif font for (which does not hurt) even if I have to resort to using #readability. #accessability
  • Sat, 00:31: Dear #amazon, #authors and #publishers, please make your #eBooks available in a way that we can set the font to one that does not cause pain
  • Sat, 00:33: Oh yes. I remember. That won't happen because I am in a minority of one and I am apparently 'just weird'. Sad but true.
  • Sat, 00:34: Guess I will have to buy audiobooks from now on in and then I will just have to cope with annoying reading-styles or indecipherable accents.
  • Sat, 00:34: …and wait for them to be released at audiobooks, if at all. Heh. I knew there was a reason I had stopped reading despite loving to.

Clever lyrics

I was watching a BBC documentary on Edgar Allen Poe on iPlayer (having missed part of it on the TV) and the background music used was a mix of Bauhaus, Portishead, The Cure and Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon). I was inspired to then go off and listen to my Bauhaus albums on iTunes. This track has always been a favourite of mine both for the music elements and for the lyrics (under the cut).

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Obligatory audio-only youtube link.
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