June 10th, 2011


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Well, I discovered something new about my eyes / MS the other day when we went to the orthoptist. My right eye which is otherwise the strongest prescription-wise has shown Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia1 (INO) when I have previously visited them which exhibits as my left eye jumping in and back to the left when I look hard to the left. Strangely, and randomly, it did not that day about which we were all pleased. We talked about it because I had not gathered the name of the condition (INO) in the past and merely attributed it to nystagmus (which is the eyes jumping like that but did not point at the cause).
More strangely and just as randomly tonight, it is back as bad as ever.

1 Interneuclear Opthalmoplegia: Cranial Nerve Disorders: Merck Manual Home Edition.
…and Interneuclear Opthalmoplegia on WikiPedia.
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