June 2nd, 2011

mole-think, writing, write, mole-write

In response to my here and now

Well, in response to my 45 mins ago, anyway:

The snakes in my ears
_ a tinnitus breed
_ are hissing a party
and paying no heed

to the neighbouring brain
attempting to think
how much closer it's coming
a desperate brink.

Painkillers taken
orally might help
and maybe some sleeping
will mean I won't yelp!

I seem to have a natural affinity for three stanzas (or sometimes five). I also seem to be going through a less free-verse phase. This one and the last one both have a regular metre.

I need to make myself an icon with paper and pen. I feel a photograph session coming on. Maybe tomorrow. Too hot now.

30 Days of Creativity: Day 2

My creativity so far today:


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