June 1st, 2011

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You never know

Written for the 2011-05-28 daily prompt when I saw it just now, within the second half of this track, in one go, on paper and with only one tiny edit. Flash-poetry?

You never know
what tomorrow will bring
but then, with defective a broken brain
you never know
yesterday's contents again.

You never know
what's in another's mind
and sometimes, for some of us,
we cannot know
facts buried in our own minds.

You never know
what you can do until
you try, succeed, maybe fail.
They'll never know
how hard our lives may have been.


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Just realised

Just realised that my natdaylog posts have not been posting from Twitter to LJ via twittenesis.com. Then again, nor have my natalief Twitter posts been posted to this LJ via the LJ/Twitter interface. I wonder why. :(

I may need to find a better way to microblog links and day-logging information to my LJ if Twitter is being so unpredictable. Yes, I know it is free. Ah well. Maybe keep an LJ post open on my phone and add to it through the day. Not as convenient as Twitter for hubby to see how I am and so on, though. *ponders*