May 26th, 2011

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Lost things

I just had a plot bunny bounce up and bite me on the bum. Sadly, I can do no more with it (and may even lose hold on it) without reading some particular New Testament stuff (parts of Revelations, if I remember correctly) that I have read in the past. Yes, I am no longer a Christian (and am coming to the realisation that I am agnostic rather than atheist). I do, however, miss my NIV pocket sized bible in black leather cover that I got for my baptism when I was 16 or 17 (I think that is when it was - maybe I was 18?). I know I still had it back at the previous flat. I can only assume that it is in the local landfill with so many things from my past that I keep wanting to look at or just touch to reassure myself that I still exist and that I really did live my past. Touching things helps me to trigger/index the lost/buried memories in my brain. Oh well…

Not as tactile and with less leather smell (and so fewer memories) but there seems to be an online version of the NIV for my searchable perusal and researching!

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  • Wed, 18:28: All those years of competitive trampolining and coaching and I had no idea until now that "trampoline" had four syllables! (OH downstairs)
  • Wed, 18:29: …as in, "tram-per-lean-UHR". I may have lived here since I was seven but I still pronounce English as in Buckinghamshire where I was born.