May 5th, 2011

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"Contact us" message sent


I use an Oxford L6 or A6 Office Book (wire bound non=perf lined paper, 90 pages, 110 x 170 mm) but I cannot find these in the shops or on your website any more. It is the perfect notebook for me. where can I buy more of them? If, by any chance, you no longer make them, which of your notebooks is the nearest equivalent?

<rhetorical>Why do companies always seem to discontinue the one product that I love the most?</rhetorical>


ETA: I am guessing that the new 'Antimocrobial' range might be the one to look at. They do "A4, A5, Pocket size and Reporter wirebound formats" with "soft cover or a flexible and lightweight, yet durable, polypropylene cover."

P.S. The twitter link on switches my twitter access pages to displaying in japanese and then says "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!" Also, their facebook page, whilst accessible to this non-facebook-user, consists of a large broken image (i.e. image not found). LOL Great marketing!

Writer's Block: Beep, Bop, Boop

What was the first video or computer game you ever played? Did you love it or hate it, and why?

In case they change the question again, the question I am answering is:
What was the first video or computer game you ever played? Did you love it or hate it, and why?

I can't remember, to be honest. It was likely to be a text adventure on the PET at school or my brother's ZX81. Maybe Chuckie Egg and/or Ghostbusters on bro's ZX Spectrum (or my at-the-time boyfriend's speckie). Games that have stuck with me over the years and that I still greatly miss are:
  • Tempest in the arcade at the fair.

  • Ghostbusters and Chuckie egg on the Spectrum.

  • Tetris, of course, first on a Mac SE at Teddington National Physical Laboratory where I did my MSc placement.

  • Dragon's Revenge on the Sega Megadrive.

  • All of the Final Fantasy franchise from number I to number VII on the Playstation (One before it was called that).

  • Ultima V on the PC/DOS.

  • Ultima Online on the PC/Windows.

  • Shanghai Mah Jong (the real game not just the tiles solitaire) on the mac (OS9?).

  • Leisure Suit Larry on some PCs at Kingston Poly.

Any games that I played that I hated I would have only played once and so I have definitely forgotten them.

ETA: I have just remembered! Pong!

[Ravelry FO] 72 st (L) Gusset Heel Catnip Socks

Part 3:
I have used Gusset Heel Basic Socks for the main sock/toe/foot/heel shaping. I used a 100 cm 2 mm circ (magic-loop, 2 socks at a time, toe up) until the end of the heel shaping and then changed to a 100 cm 2.25 mm circ. I usually use an 80 cm circ when doing one sock at a time using magic-loop. The rib I am doing for the cuff of the socks is:
P, K2, P, K, P, K2, P (repeat 8 times around = 72 st).
This rib looks quite good as it seems to follow up from the pattern itself quite nicely.

Part 2:
66st was too narrow for my feet and so I frogged and have worked out a variation of the stitch pattern that fits onto a 72 st sock (36 st instep instead of 33 st).

Part 1:
Using up remnants. Wishing this pattern had a larger size. Will knit it at 66 st but, if they are too small I will work out a variation on the pattern for 72 st.



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Technical query

I have posted a support request (as follows), before anyone suggests that I do that. I am just hoping that someone that reads this might know how to do it:

How can I create posts on my LiveJournal that are sourced from one of my other sites / RSS feeds (in this case )? The source is my content as well as the destination LJ being mine (permanent).

I have a feeling that one or two of you may already use such a post-creation automation and I know there are a number of ways of posting Twitter streams to LJ and so I hope that LJ provides a method for this. That said, I won't be holding my breath.

I have been finishing so many knitted items recently that I am running out of yarn but it also means that I am not posting about them on LJ but the above feed is an RSS feed of my FOs on Ravelry and so I wondered if there was some way to get the RSS feed to create entries on my LJ. I thought of something like feedburner and the LJ email posting method but am unsure how I could confirm my email LJ posting email address if feedburner was to ask for a confirmation reply/click.

Then again, I guess those of you that are interested in my FOs could just add the LJ feed that I have just created (natalief_ravfos) but it would be nice to get all of my 'content' into my permanent account (this one).