April 27th, 2011



My MS neurologist agrees that I may have fibromyalgia as well as MS. Many of the symptoms overlap and I have many (like IBS, vestibular migraine/vertigo, acid reflux, tinnitus and so on) that have been diagnosed as their own conditions but could, looking at the symptom list in this video, all be due to fibromyalgia. Not that a diagnosis of any of these offers a viable treatment let alone a cure, even now, five years after this video was made in 2006.

YouTube - FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS (video only has music and subtitles/words).

From Twitter 04-26-2011

  • 00:01:30: Aching, sore, sneezing, coughing and suddenly exhausted/fatigued. Waiting for painkillers to work. #bed & may read. Have has more vertigo…
  • 00:03:16: Have had more moments of vertigo today than for months. May all be a breakthrough vestibular migraine, I suppose.
  • 02:18:38: #wakingup Wide awake after 2 hours #sleep. That must have been just a #nap according to the MonSter.
  • 06:38:39: Back to bed with more painkillers for #paincount = 9 invisible man stabbing my left eye.
  • 09:43:42: Another short-sleep. #wakingup

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