April 21st, 2011

melting, melt

Condensed from twitter with added ranting

Condensed from my last three @natdaylog tweets on Twitter:

So far 'today', I have eaten two Alpro yogs, some pitta and pâté, taken a nap and totally forgotten to do my jab or take my meds. This heat melts my brain and it is all I can do to remember to drink and maybe knit and/or sleep. It was 31℃ in the shade in my room today. I really need to move to the arctic circle in the summer. *splat* Or air conditioning. Yeah. Right. I'll get right on with the whole "winning the lottery" pipe-dream, then.

I am finally cool enough to eat (said pitta and pâté) and think, let alone read. I had played a little WoW before I got too hot to breathe (so it seemed) despite open window, closed curtains, spinning desk fan and running chiller. Yeah, no AC here. I then stood in a cold shower for a while and escaped to a slightly cooler room (sans computer but with added DAYTIME-TEEVEE!!!!!) for a little while before giving up and falling asleep again. The "So far 'today'" above was after waking up at lunchtime-is and falling asleep again before 1800.

Now, sitting here, knitting and reading the intarwebz, there is a nice cool breeze on my almost bare legs (yes, I *am* still in my sleep shorts) but it is *still* 23℃ on my desk. I remember when watching the TV weather forecasts and considering 20℃ a good/warm day. Now it is a nice cool night. Yeah, I wish. There is no wonder that I get more done at night when it is cool enough to think/breathe.

In a totally related (by my now being able to read and think) aside, when did "kebab" become "kabob" and "chilli" become "chili" or even "chile"? I understand how "courgette" is sometimes called "zucchini" and "coriander" (chopped leaf herb in the UK used in curries) is in some places called "cilantro" and confuses many by getting mixed up with "coriander seed" a totally different herb/condiment/part of the plant.


The Pervocracy: On Cavemen.

Another in a continuing series of links that I found else-LJ or else-web, followed and found interesting, reproduced here in case you also find it interesting:

So to call the process by which other hunter-gatherer groups started farming and specializing and forming civilizations and colonizing until they became you and me "evolution" is a gross misuse of the term. It's sure as hell not genetic evolution, at least. People who farm don't dominate the world because there's a "farm gene" that has become prevalent, but because farmers had more children and they taught those children to farm. Farmers having more kids is NOT "survival of the fittest" in the Darwinian sense; if you raise one of those kids in a hunter-gatherer society, they're not going to spontaneously plant a garden.

The Pervocracy: On Cavemen.

Mating with a square-jawed broad-shouldered dude who carries genes for asthma and has no malaria resistance is no way to ensure "quality" genes. That'll just get you a bunch of square-jawed broad-shouldered kids with asthma and malaria.</q>
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From Twitter 04-20-2011

  • 04:19:41: Off to #bed before I start "just another row" of my knitting.
  • 13:09:06: #wakingup
  • 23:46:39: So far 'today', I have eaten two Alpro yogs, some pitta and pâté, taken a nap and totally forgotten to do my jab or take my meds. …
  • 23:47:59: … This heat melts my brain and it is all I can do to remember to drink and maybe knit and/or sleep. It was 31℃ in the shade in my room today
  • 23:48:33: I really need to move to the arctic circle in the summer. *splat*

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Copied from a comment on a f-locked post else-LJ:

It has taken me years (43+!) to work out that I like being calm, contented and quietly alone rather than joyful, popular and noisily in a crowd. I used to strive and search in such noisy crowds for Happiness and Joy but then, one day, realised that I was happily sitting alone in my room, knitting and reading the web. I was happy in a way that was meaningful to me and had probably had moments and even hours like this in the past before reminding myself that I was lonely, unhappy and in search of SO MUCH!

So, what I am trying to say is, I searched for happiness but found that I had had it all along without realising it by merely recognising that I had been searching for something that would not make me happy, anyway.

As I said it before on this LJ;

I am beginning to realise that "happy" is not the same as "ecstatic" or "gleeful" and am coming to realise that "happy" is closer in meaning to "calm and contented".

From another relevant earlier post of mine;

I have always thought that "happy" meant "over the moon and ecstatic". You know, storybook "they lived happily ever after" with music and bluebirds. I have only felt that happy occasionally and only ever for a short period of time and so I used to think that that meant I was rarely happy. While reading that post and reflecting inwards for a few seconds, I realised that I was not feeling UNhappy or depressed but was feeling calm and content and that this might actually mean that I was feeling happy!

P.S. I am happy to be able to sleep during the hot day and be awake during the cool night, despite that meaning that I cannot earn a wage at a 9-5 job.
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melting, melt

Thought experiment about cures for "who we are"

A very interesting side-discussion has developed in the comments over at rachel_swirsky's journal on a post she wrote about some eugenic-a-like stuff that Sheri Tepper once wrote. Would you take a miracle cure / surgery that would cure you of your chronic conditions (ADD, bipolar, asperger's/autism, etc.) even if it might mean totally wiping your personality and starting again?

That which deranges the senses - Deconstructing Sheri Tepper's 2008 Interview with Strange Horizons (this links to the start of that particular comment thread but you can also read the article about Sheri Tepper there).

If you had asked me ten years ago, I would have jumped at the chance to live a "normal" life. Now, however, having done all the work that I have to come to terms with who I am, what I can do and how I do it best, I would find it a very difficult decision. This is who I am, warts and all. If I could have a version of the 'treatment' that would remove or lessen some of the difficult stuff (e.g. my sensitivity to temperature extremes) and leave the creativity and so on then I would consider it.

What do you think? Would you take the cure if it might mean that you were now a totally different person(ality)?