April 20th, 2011


From Twitter 04-19-2011

  • 05:20:58: #stillawake despite no wakefulness meds or supplements taken "today". Off to #bed now though to see if I can sleep.
  • 16:19:53: #wakingup
  • 16:43:37: #cocodamol for the #paincount = 8 headache that I have just woken up with which may be dehydration because my window was closed in the sun.
  • 16:44:30: The curtain was/is closed but it is like an oven in here. Window now open and curtains now open too because the sun is off the window now.
  • 16:45:32: Some not-good news about one of my brother's dogs who may not live long. So sad. Same age as our cats, give or take.
  • 20:17:24: #builtmeds and ordered #repeatmeds x 4 (although I am sure I ordered them on the 10th!) (modafinil, propranolol, solpadol, zantac).
  • 22:41:56: Just ordered 5th #repeatmeds (amitriptyline) which I have now run out of as well.

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