April 8th, 2011

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Yet another reason why I hate the Kindle and Amazon (even though there are things that I like about both) has cropped up tonight. Here is the email that I have sent them:

I just tried to buy a book for my kindle apps (iPhone and mac). It appears that last time I did this it associated my kindles with my amazon.com account and so told me I had to change his to my amazon.co.uk account. Sounds good to me so I clicked the button to do so. I then get an error of some kind about using the wrong account and that I should use this-certain-email-address-account instead but that is the email address on both my amazon.com account and my amazon.co.uk account and so that is exactly what I was doing. Help?

a) I have no idea why, when I bought Feed by Mira Grant from amazon.co.uk and NOT amazon.com, it associated my kindles with amazon.com instead.

b) If I am associated with the US Amazon site then why can I not buy kindle books published in the US but not the UK?

c) This is not logical or intuitive AT ALL!

d) How can this be so hard?!


I guess that I should try to go to bed now.
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