March 18th, 2011

sad, depressed, blue

Childhood sucked for me and many others

When you're a child you hear grownups talk about childhood as though it were some distant, magical country of wafting, misty perfection, enormous fairy wings, and magical moon-circumnaviating dirigibles powered by unicorn poop. You hear grownups talk about how wonderful it was to be a child, without a care in the world. But you look around at your world and it isn't like that! It's horrible! It stinks! It's a nightmare! Maybe it's not like this for every kid, but it's like this for a goddamn lot of them.

When you're a kid you hear adults talk about their teenage years like they were an endless field of catgirl tits, raunchy pirate cock, jet fuel and vodka shots, gold medals in endurance masturbation, and unicorn orgasms fountaining glitter across the sky. "The best days of your life," they say. WEB OF LIES! It's horrible! It stinks! It's a nightmare!

Shadow Muse - The check is in the mail.

Oh yes. The best days of my life? Now.

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